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About us

Hello, let us tell somethings about us we are the Publishers of the magazine Amsterdam Journal and the website and .com.

Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities in the world with an abundance of historically and culturally interesting sights. From its canals, world-famous museums, the Anne Frank House to the colourful nightlife and marihuana selling coffee shops. Amsterdam is a city that never fails to surprise the visitor. Amsterdam is also a city of diversity, tolerance and accessibility. It provides all advantages of a big city: a rich cultural life, entertaining nightlife, good international restaurants and transport, but, at the same time, it is not as colossal as some other metropoles and it breathes a relaxed atmosphere. In Amsterdam, your destination is never too far away and most things can be reached on foot, or, as the locals do, by bike.

Amsterdam Journal

Amsterdam is an exciting city for everyone, whatever it is you are looking for. Amsterdam Journal magazine is here to give you some handy facts, customs and pointers to enhance your enjoyment even more. Amsterdam Journal is a magazine that issues 4 times a year on paper and is spread amongst most of the higher end hotel rooms in and around the entire city. We provide the reader with information about cultural events, historical backgrounds, transportation, the best shopping opportunities, restaurants, bars and nightlife. In the near future, this Amsterdam Journal website will be turned into a cutting edge, up to date platform of tourist information, for your immediate use both from abroad as well as during your stay.It is important for us that you can find what you are looking for in Amsterdam. So are you thinking about going to Amsterdam? Keep track of Amsterdam Journal and