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Advertising in Amsterdam Journal

The circulation of Amsterdam Journal is raised to 24.000 copies (accounted certified distribution NOM), which makes Amsterdam Journal one off the largest Hotel Magazine of Amsterdam.

Our main editorial focus points are: general and tourist information, shopping & fashion, cultural, sightseeing and nightlife. In each issue, we cover a certain area of the city or neighbourhood, give attention to special theatre productions or shows, give the best tips for nightlife in The Hottest Spots and the best shops in our Shopping section.

There are four issues of Amsterdam Journal each year and the magazine can be found at the rooms of 62 four and five star hotels and 20 three star hotels.

With a commercial, youll potentially reach 1.3 million staying visitors a year, who will spend more than 711 million euro a year, of which 39% on shopping, 26% on restaurants, cafes and such and 13% on culture. (Source: Amsterdam Leisure Consultants.)

For a complete list of hotels where Amsterdam Journal is issued and the advertsing rates, you can download the rate card.

Ratecard Amsterdam Journal 2018