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Experience the coolest bar in Amsterdam Drink out of a glass made off ice Experience how it feels to be stranded on the North Pole Enjoy the included drinks Welcome to the coolest bar in Amsterdam! Your host Willem Barentsz welcomes you into his world as a Dutch explorer. Experience the feeling of living on his ship the Mercury in 1596, survive the hardships of the extreme cold and be brave enough when the ship strands on the island of Nova Zembla. The crew lasted for 9 months! How long will you be able to last on the ice cold Read More

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Suzy Wong

Suzy Wong in the heart of Amsterdam is a great cocktaillounge. Thirsty for some excellent drinks? Hungry for some tasty bites? This glamorous and sensuo- us cocktail lounge will take your breath away in a world of modern American, oriental and classic French elements while enjoying the most unique cocktails shaken by her personal cocktail shakers. Serving the greatest cock- tails and Asian/American snacks up until clo- sing time, Open Wednesday through Sunday starting at 18.00 with every day a different DJ providing a unique experience not to found elsewhere in Amsterdam. See the official website here

Skylounge Amsterdam

An award winning roof-top lounch bar Each metropolis has a unique spot to dis- cover the city from great height. Amster- dam has SkyLounge Amsterdam, an award winning roof-top lounge bar overlooking the capital. This is the place where locals and global travellers meet each other. SkyLounge Amsterdam offers you a panoramic view of Europe’s most energetic city, 365 days a year. Open: Sun. – Thur. 11 am – 01 am Fri. & Sat. 11 am – 03 am See the official website here

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MOMO Bar&Lounge

Cosmopolitan & Sparkling: MOMO is a culinary hotspot and popular meeting place for an (inter) national audi- ence of visitors to the Fashion & Museum District, business and metropolitan crowd. Relax and enjoy spectacular food and amazing cocktails in a stylish setting, which is what makes MOMO already unique for six years. See the official website here