Banaan en Oestermes / Frascati

Banaan en Oestermes


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- Adults€ 17,-
- Kids€ 13,50
- seniors / 65+€17,-


24/01/2018 - 27/01/2018


Nes 63
1012 KD Amsterdam


Everyday objects seen through the loving eyes of a painter

Marcel Duchamp elevated a urinal to the status of an artwork. Andy Warhol did the same thing with a depiction of a can of soup; as did Rembrandt with his housekeeper and Rubens with his wife. A painting can make you look at everyday reality through different eyes: clouds in the sky, a painted lemon, a cow in a meadow. Following the example of the old masters of the still life, the members of Hotel Modern take in their surroundings with a look of love. Together with the audience, they squeeze poetry from a bottle of toilet cleaner, engage with a meeting between a balloon and a cactus, and discover the touching beauty of a fire extinguisher.

‘A pleasant yet melancholy dream: wondrous, strange, but also elusive.’ (****) – on Slakkesporen (2015)

‘It is staggering how few resources the Hotel Modern makers need to evoke all these thoughts, emotions and associations.’ – NRC Handelsblad on Slakkesporen (2002)

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