Benjamin Herman Trio – De Kring on Tour / Bimhuis

Benjamin Herman Trio - De Kring on Tour


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Piet Heinkade 3
1019 BR Amsterdam


Benjamin Herman Trio – De Kring on Tour

Saxophonist and Dutch Jazz icon Benjamin Herman goes on tour with young talents discovered during his popular jam sessions at Amsterdam arts club De Kring.

For over ten years Benjamin Herman has led the biweekly sessions at Amsterdamn arts club De Kring. These sessions tuned out to be breeding grounds for young talents and rising stars. They brought forth remarkable collaborations between the Benjamin Herman Trio and singer/pianists Ruben Hein and Daniel von Piekartz (the album Trouble).

The sessions have led to another album, Live, featuring Miguel Rodriguez (piano) and Joris Roelofs (bass clarinet), which was recorded at De Kring to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The sessions have also spawned ideas for the album Campert with Gideon van Gelder and the trio album Café Solo.

For De Kring on Tour the Benjamin Herman Trio has invited young talents from the various conservatories in The Netherlands. The idea behind this concert is to combine the fresh energy of the newest generation of musicians with the looseness and experience of the trio.

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