Christmas holiday in NEMO / Nemo Science CenterNemo

Christmas holiday in NEMO


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Indication entrance fees

- Adults>4 years € 16,50
- Kids<4 years free
- seniors / 65+>4 years € 16,50


23/12/2017 - 07/01/2018
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Nemo Science CenterNemo
Oosterdok 2
1011 VX Amsterdam


During the Christmas holiday, as always, there will be all sorts of things to do at NEMO. From 23 December 2016 to 7 January 2017, there are additional workshops and demonstrations for you to enjoy. Please note that NEMO will also be open during Christmas and new years day throughout this holiday period.

Discover Winter Experiments
Be a scientist for a while in our BASF Lab and try some winter experiments!

Experiment 1: Which almond paste sample is real?
Real almond paste contains almonds. This is relatively expensive, so cheap almond paste is made of white beans and artificial flavourings. In this experiment you can discover which sample is the real thing.

Experiment 2: How does a rocket work?
A rocket produces a tremendous amount of power very quickly and shoots into the air. In this experiment you can make a rocket that uses a chemical reaction to launch.

Experiment 3: How does gritting salt affect ice?
During the winter, gritting salt is often scattered on the roads. That gets rid of any ice, but what happens exactly?

About NEMO Science Museum
NEMO challenges everyone – from young to old – to discover how fascinating and relevant science and technology are. We show how remarkable everyday things are, yet present abstract science in a way that is very accessible. NEMO encourages visitors to discover scientific phenomena for themselves, and triggers them to investigate further. In this way, we make knowledge accessible to a wide audience and bring science closer.

Admission for visitors aged 4 and over: € 16.50
Children under 4: free
University Card: € 8.25
I Amsterdam City Card: free
Holland Pass: free with Gold Voucher
Museumkaart: free
Stadspas Amsterdam: free
Carers accompanying disabled visitors: free
Autipas holders: free

Nemo Science CenterNemo
Oosterdok 2 - Amsterdam
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