The Parade | Cinéma Magique / Martin Luther Kingpark

The Parade | Cinéma Magique


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17/08/2018 - 02/09/2018
Martin Luther Kingpark


Martin Luther Kingpark
Martin Luther kingpark
1079 LM Amsterdam


This Summer, Eye Filmmuseum returns to the place where film history found its origin. Cinéma Magique – a stand at the Dutch theater festival the Parade with projections on eight large screens – is an ode to the early years of cinema, when fair operators nomadized their picture house. Around 1910, the moving image was already a surprisingly diverse and colourful miracle. Visitors were able to marvel travel movies and exotic phantom rides, as wel as scientific documentations, sports reports and circus drama. The hand coloured, fairylike tales of film pioneer Georges Méliès and the animation movies by Émile Cohl ensured enchantment and amazement for all.
Please note that the spoken language of this event will be Dutch.

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