Gin Festival / Undercurrent

Gin Festival


Age categoryIedereen

Indication entrance fees

- Adults€ 22,49
- Kids€ 22,49
- seniors / 65+€ 22,49


18/05/2018 - 20/05/2018


Papaverweg 265
1032 KJ Amsterdam


Again for the third time, the Gin Festival Amsterdam with hundreds of beautiful brands in Undercurrent. This beautiful location on the IJ is on the NDSM site and is again a bit larger than last year. There are continuous master classes, seminars and tastings that you can attend for free. The tasting of the drinks is also included in the price, only if you want to drink a mix do you deduct it. The Gin boat will sail directly from the Central Station to Undercurrent again and if you get hungry there will be the fantastic food trucks from The Beef Chief and Man, I Love Fish.

Undercurrent is a well-known event location on the IJ, or actually, in the IJ. Because Undercurrent is a floating room, so if you are unstable on your legs, it is not because of the gin, but because of the waves. Undercurrent is located on the edge of the NDSM site and can be reached by boat from CS, by bicycle (ferry or from North) and by car. There is a large parking lot where you can park your car for free. Of course you will leave it if you have drowned a little box to go home by taxi.

Gin Ferry
Of course, the free GIN BOAT will sail again. On both days, it sails from hour before opening to an hour after the event. The boat travels back and forth about every 25 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of people that come along each time. Bicycles can not be taken on board. If you just missed the boat, or if you want to take your bike with you, take the NDSM Veer or Buiksloterweg Veer.

There will again be some great food trucks at the Gin festival to ensure the necessary balance in the Gin & amp; Tonic diet. In any case, The Beef Chief and Man, I Love Fish have already been confirmed. Based on the number of visitors expected (pre-sale + weather forecast), we will carefully monitor how many trucks we need to ensure that you do not have to wait too long for your food. Time is gin in this case, so we know you want to spend well every minute!

During the day various speakers from the Netherlands and abroad will talk about their profession. This covers all aspects of developing, distilling, packaging and history of gin, tonic, gin and cocktails. Tasting sessions can also be attended where different styles of gin and gin are tasted. The program will be put online in the week prior to the festival.

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