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Landscape with Tree


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09/09/2017 - 03/12/2017
Huis Marseille


Huis Marseille
Keizersgracht 401
1016 EK Amsterdam


Landscape with Tree

Landscape with Tree draws the visitor into the world of a young photographer who in just five years has become a favourite of the fashion world, where the originality of his subtle and empathetic style was immediately recognized. Hawkesworth’s distinctive editorials have appeared in The New York Times Style Magazine, Vogue US / UK / Paris, W, WSJ Magazine, and a great many other leading publications. The exhibition Landscape with Tree takes us on a journey through the life, the work, and the mind of a young photographer whose remarkable sensibilities have steadily grown stronger. Hawkesworth’s seminal Preston Bus Station project of 2013 shows the traits that went on to grow in the travel reportages he made in Congo (2016) and in Colombia (2017), culminating in Hawkesworth’s recent series of nude portraits he made for Print Magazine (2017).

The introduction of a new style
The fashion world is a particularly stimulating environment for the development of creativity. It is often when working under enormous pressure and in hectic surroundings that moments of pure poetry can arise. Such moments are especially evident in the photographs of the young British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth (Ipswich, 1987). Around five years ago his work introduced a new aesthetic to fashion photography that was immediately embraced and which gained a wide following. Hawkesworth continues to photograph in the same pure, susceptible way that he did when he first encountered photography: with analogue film and a medium-format camera. Once Hawkesworth had discovered photography, the passion never left; he now devotes all his time to making photographs and to perfecting his working methods and style. That style is characterized by a warm colour palette that Hawkesworth developed while printing his work, a craft he has continued to perfect. Attached as he is to the craftsmanship of photography, Hawkesworth has never let himself be pushed into using digital technology, even when he started working as the assistant of a fashion photographer. His images are characterized by a kind of purity, a ‘knowing awkwardness’, that comes from his fascination for the particular, the odd and the beautiful in daily life. Jamie Hawkesworth’s approach to photography is based on the subtle, playful, and elegiac legacy of British documentary photography.

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