Leonardo da Vinci exhibition / Beurs van BerlageBeurs van Berlage

 Leonardo da Vinci exhibition


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- AdultsRegulier €12,50 & Online € 11,50
- KidsRegulier €6,50 & Online €5,50
- seniors / 65+-


27/01/2017 - 20/06/2017
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Beurs van BerlageBeurs van Berlage
Damrak 243
1012 ZJ Amsterdam


The work of a great artist – Inventor – Genius, will be at the Beurs van Berlage from the 27th of January until the 20th of June!

Take a look through the eyes of one of the most progressive man in history. Nearly 500 years later, his work is still as popular as ever. Da Vinci was born in Florence, where he studied as a painter and sculptor. Which arose under famous pieces as “The last Supper” and “Mona Lisa.” He also designed several inventions including the first parachute, which actually seemed to work.

The exhibition presents several works, ranging from replicas of the Mona Lisa to recreated prototypes of his inventions, which were crafted in Italy after the designs Da Vinci made half a century ago. The invention prototypes are often operable for guests which brings the exhibition to life.

During the exhibition you will experience all the myths and legends surrounding his life and how Da Vinci’s legacy still inspires even today, challenges and opens a window in the head that allows creativity.

Beurs van BerlageBeurs van Berlage
Damrak 243 - Amsterdam
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