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04/10/2017 - 28/05/2018
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Hermitage Amsterdam Hermitage Amsterdam
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exhibition New Masters

In the exhibition New Masters, the Outsider Art Museum introduces 30 intimate portraits of contemporary Outsider artists, together with their work. In a series of touching portraits, photographer Sander Troelstra gives a face to their fascinating world. Troelstra has won the Canon Silver Camera Award on many occasions, and also took the honours at the prestigious Dutch National Portrait Award in 2015.

The striking characteristics of work by these artists – fixed outlines, recording the world around them, velvet textures or hard sculptures – appear to speak a language of their own and often contain a message that to us, is shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, if we open our minds to the personal perceptions of the creators, it is certainly possible to comprehend their work.

Only a few decades ago, it would have been impossible for these New Masters to launch successful careers – their work would have remained unseen due to their social isolation and a life behind closed doors. For many years, the art world was hesitant to afford autodidactic artists a place on the art circuit. The arrival of the Outsider Art Museum in 2016 helped to accelerate the necessary change: the museum contributes significantly to the recognition and inclusion of these new talents by and in the international museum world.

Hermitage Amsterdam Hermitage Amsterdam
Amstel 51 - Amsterdam
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