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Thomas Albdorf - Room With a View


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15/06/2018 - 09/09/2018
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Foam Museum of PhotographyFoam Fotografiemuseum
Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam


Thomas Albdorf (1982, Austria) combines classic photographic genres with contemporary visual techniques.

His landscapes and still lifes are boldly aesthetic, and his use of the photographic medium is highly conceptual. Using both analogue and digital techniques, Albdorf edits photographs of visual clichés found online – a mountainous landscape, a beach holiday or a flower arrangement. The resulting image looks both familiar and surreal. Albdorf submits his constructions to image recognition software, exploring the discrepancy between technological and human perception.

This exhibition was conceived in the context of the recommended Olympus Fellowship, of which Thomas Albdorf is one of the first three recipients. The fellowship enables young image makers to produce and internationally exhibit new work. It is jointly organised by Olympus, Haus der Photographie / Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) and Foam. The Fellows of 2018 are Thomas Albdorf (1982, Austria), Nadja Bournonville (1983, Sweden) and Lilly Lulay (1985, Germany).

On June 15th all three winners will be in Foam for an Artist Talk.

Foam Museum of PhotographyFoam Fotografiemuseum
Keizersgracht 609 - Amsterdam
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