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The Little Orphanage


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22/06/2014 - 22/06/2020
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Amsterdam MuseumAmsterdam Museum
Kalverstraat 92
1001 AC Amsterdam


The Little Orphanageshows you the life in the orphanage of the 17th century in Amsterdam

An adventure for families with children where they are in an exciting way to discover what it must have been. Life in the orphanage of the 17th century The building complex of the Amsterdam Museum was four centuries, the orphanage is located. With The Little Orphanage Amsterdam Museum wants the building and its history in an exciting and imaginative way to life. Visitors to The Little Orphanage step into another world. They end up in a lively and bustling 17th-century orphanage in the heart of a thriving trading city. The closed world behind the orphanage gates had cafeterias, dormitories, classrooms, kitchens, a kakdoos and even a cowshed.
The Little Orphanage children live with all their senses. It is no ordinary museum presentation; objects and whisper gently visitor must hide to be used by the residents not be seen. Writing clean, milking cows, four of a plate of food, there is plenty to do.

Amsterdam MuseumAmsterdam Museum
Kalverstraat 92 - Amsterdam
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