To Pianos: Kaja Draksler & Eve Risser / Bimhuis

To Pianos: Kaja Draksler & Eve Risser


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Piet Heinkade 3
1019 BR Amsterdam


To Pianos: Kaja Draksler & Eve Risser

Nieuw duo met twee eigenzinnige Europese pianistes. ‘Restlessly inventive and remarkably resourceful’ (The Wire over Eve Risser). Vooraf een solo-improvisatie van altviolist George Dumitriu.

Eve Risser and Kaja Draksler form the new duo To Pianos, in which they improvise in innovative ways, on the keys as well as directly on the strings of the piano. French pianist Eve Risser is known for her prepared piano techniques, with which the sound of the piano strings is influenced by objects such as screws and magnets. With these techniques she creates compelling, imaginative music, as heard on her solo album Des pas sur la neige (Clean Feed).

Improvisation and prepared piano are key ingredients as well in the music of Kaja Draksler, who recently emerged from the Amsterdam improv scene. Here she leads her own octet, among other projects. Kaja Draksler garnered international acclaim with her solo album The Lives of Many Others. From a review in Downbeat: ‘The young Slovenian pianist Kaja Draksler shows off a wealth of sturdy ideas on this stunning solo recording.’

Preceding the by To Pianos is a solo improvisation on viola by Rumanian violist, violinist and guitarist George Dumitriu. As a classical violinist he won over 15 international awards, after which he broadened his horizon towards jazz guitar, electronics and improvisation. Since 2010 he lives in Amsterdam.

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