Unfair’s x Christie’s Fundraising Auction / Arti et Amicitiae

Unfair’s x Christie’s Fundraising Auction


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Arti et Amicitiae


Arti et Amicitiae
Rokin 112
1012 LB Amsterdam


Unfair Amsterdam and Christie’s are joining hands for the organization of the biennial fundraiser auction, with works from over 50 international upcoming and established talents.

In collaboration with Christie’s and Arti et Amicitiae, Unfair Amsterdam presents a special biennial fundraiser auction. The artworks auctioned for this special occasion are donated by an exclusive selection of young well-established and upcoming artists. The works vary from sculptures to paintings, prints, videos, photographs and installations.

This unique collaboration combines tradition and innovation and gives Unfair Amsterdam the opportunity to raise funds for our next event: Unfair18. Hence, when prices rise, it’s money well spent. Exclusively for this fundraiser the artists will deviate from their usual prices so the bidding starts at a one-time rate of €500,-.

Fund your Bid with KunstKoop
Recently, Unfair joined the KunstKoop of the Mondriaan Fund and ABN AMRO bank. Out of 125 galleries, Unfair is the only non-profit initiative that participates in this fund. We are tremendously thrilled with this acknowledgement and hope to encourage even more future art collectors to support the artists of today and tomorrow.

The KunstKoop of the Mondriaan Fund offers individuals the possibility to purchase art in monthly installments, without any interest. The minimum monthly installment is €22,50 and the maximum duration of the loan is three years. With Kunstkoop there is nothing holding one back to make a bid. Therefore, visit the festive opening or pass by the viewings days to scout around and find your gem. Before the bidding begins.

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