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You will enjoy not only hot but balanced Sichuan meal from gentle heat to as much heat as you like by Mandarijn. You can also find recipes that use little or not hot spices at all. Each dish has its own style and different flavor. Variety is the spice of life. See the official website here

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Zushi Amsterdam

Restaurant Zushi Amsterdam for the best sushi. There are no starters, our menu is moving along right in front of you, so just help yourself from the conveyor belt Zushi (sushi) has seven different colored plates, each color represents a different price. Enjoy as many or few small dishes as you want while you stack the plates. When you’re finished, someone from the ministry, the plates by adding color for you. Are you ready to go, then take the note to the cashier to settle. Some dishes are not on the line, which you can order from the ministry. There Read More