Restaurant Blauw

Restaurant Blauw serves traditional Indonesian cuisine in a modern entourage. Here you can enjoy the Indonesian delicacies with a touch. The dedicated team serves a variety of Indonesian dishes and culinary specialties. We will be pleased to help you choose. Very special to the Dutch Indonesian cuisine is the Rijsttafel (‘rice table’). It is an elaborate meal adapted by the Dutch, during their presence in Indonesia. It consists of many side dishes, served in small portions, accompanied by rice prepared in several ways. The rijsttafel gives an abundant experience of flavours and colours and degrees of spiciness. At Restaurant Blauw Read More

Restaurant Kantjil en de Tijger Indonesian Indonesisch Amsterdam amsterdamjournal

Restaurant Kantjil & De Tijger

In the heart of Amsterdam, Kantjil & de Tijger is the right place to be for those who are curious about Indonesian food. Their latest addition is the New Asian High Wine.  A selection of savoury bites, served with a carafe organic wine of your choice. Enjoy this experience at the New Asian Brasserie between 12:00 and 16:30. Also open for dinner. See the official website here

Restaurant Long Pura Indonesian Food Indonesisch Amsterdam amsterdamjournal

Restaurant Long Pura

At Long Pura, we serve authentic traditional food in a gorgeous, modern interior. Our meals are prepared according to old family recipes. Our Balinese Chef and his team prepare tastes and fragrances to delight all your senses. You will taste the similarities with the ones in Indonesia. Location the Jordaan We are located in the cosy Jordaan Area in the city center, our Indonesian rice tables and a-la-carte menu’s are famous at home and abroad and are served by our friendly staff in traditional costumes The Restaurant Restaurant Long Pura “Eternal Temple” is located in a typical monumental building in Read More