Odeon Odeon, located in the heart of Amsterdam’s canal belt, has had a prominent role in Amsterdam’s social and cultural scene for over three and a half centuries. It was first built in 1662 as a beer brewery when in 1830 one of Amsterdam’s first concert halls was added to the building. Nowadays Supperclub, American style cocktail bar Apt, craft beer cafe HOPPA! and French tapas restaurant French Connection enrich the Amsterdam restaurant- and nightlife in this building.

Mad Fix

Mad fox

Mad Fox The Fox is a creature of the night; a sleek animal movin through the darkness with a mysterious cunningness. MAD FOX captures these characteristics in a state-of-the-art club that unites Amsterdam’s foxes. It’s an international nightlife experience never seen before in The Netherlands. Tumbling down the rabbit hole, through corridors underneath the city, you enter a world of nocturnal luxury and thirst-quenching extravagance. MAD FOX focuses on high-quality table service, unveiling a unique, high-end style of clubbing to Amsterdam. A sleek crowd flirts with the night and defies the day, partying from late ‘til early in the smart, Read More

Paradiso noord

Paradiso Noord

THT Paradiso noord THT is situated in the old canteen of the Shell factory. From 1941-2011 over 1200 employees of Shell used to eat their breakfast and lunch here, every single day. Exactly 70 years later the artistic building that was designed by the architect ‘Staal’ got a cultural destination. Due to the collaboration between ‘Paradiso Noord’, ‘Stichting Tolhuistuin’, ‘Framer Framed’, ‘Solid Ground Movement’ and ‘Tip Noord’ it’s directory has been determined. The menu of THT exists of small dishes from all over the world, and can be shared. You can not only explore the variety of dishes, but also Read More



Bitterzoet Bitterzoet (Bittersweet) is a club but also a venue for live music and offers a variety of music genres. For instance one day you can expect a noisy punk band and another day an intimate concert by a singer-songwriter. Bitterzoet’s mission is to offer a spot in Amsterdam where well known as well as upcoming dj’s, bands and other performing artists get a chance to experiment and perform in a warm intimate setting. Everyday we have a different program, this might mean that one day you’ll have the best night ever and the other you might not like what’s Read More

Blauwe Engels

Blauwe Engels, WTCafe

Throughout the year we have include performances by various DJs and artists. The Café is centrally located on the Zuidplein. We hope to meet you for a cozy drink.

North Sea Jazz Club

North Sea Jazz Club

Every weekend the North Sea Jazz Club is the place to be in Amsterdam to enjoy live music, dinner, drinks & dance. Experience live shows by top of the bill artist in an intimate jazz club setting. Find established names within arm’s reach and discover up-and-coming talent. Just like at the North Sea Jazz Festival, the club presents a wide variety of jazz, funk, soul and world music.

Bananen Bar & Club

Bananen Bar & Club

The Banana is an adult entertainment venue in the Red Light District in Amsterdam

Escape in


Club Escape is one of the most popular clubs of the Netherlands and abroad and has been around since 1986! After 3 major transformations, it’s still on pace with the newest technologies in sound, lighting and visuals. Over the past decades Escape has been a well-known and highly respected club in the Amsterdam nightlife scene.

Boom Chicago Amsterdam amsterdamjournal

Boom Chicago

Boom Chicago is an English language comedy theatre performing high-energy shows seven days a week to an international audience. The shows are an exhilarating mix of topical scripted scenes, clever improvisation, music, and video. The show features sharp comedy about topics such as life in Amsterdam, European/American culture, current events, politics and more. Come hungry, Boom’s award winning chef serves a delicious dinner before the show.