Restored was founded by Marijke and David Hukema and is centered around the idea that simplicity brings calm and beauty restores the balance in life. Restored works together with small labels and independent designers that bring a diverse collection of jewelry, ceramics, magazines, textiles and more. This results in a careful curation of pure and refined design. In the midst of the bustling Haarlemmerdijk, Restored brings an experience of calm. A place to slow down and connect with the subtle beauty of life.

Henri Willig

Henri Willig Proefzolder

In het heart of Amsterdam you will find “De Proefzolder”- Cheese Tasting by Henri Willig. Here you can experience the traditional cheese making process in an authentic cheese factory atmosphere. With the aid of our multilingual guides and a short film you will discover the traditional cheese making process. You can sample cheese for yourself. Try the taste sensations of the various quality cheeses over a glass of wine or beer. A fun and tasteful experience for only € 9,95 p.p. The tasting takes place at 4.00 pm every day and on Fridays and during the weekend also at 2.00 Read More