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The Dutch Film Academy trains students to become prominent national and international creators of media productions for various platforms. The starting point is telling stories in the cinematographic tradition in which creativity, urgency and innovation are the recurring themes. The Film Academy gives students the knowledge and skills they need to master their chosen profession. They make an essential contribution to film culture through ongoing research into the relationship between image and sound and promote a critical and reflective attitude in film-makers.


The Film Academy is a leading international media programme, unique in the Netherlands. The programme and its graduates define the face of Dutch film and media culture and make distinctive international contributions to cinematographic innovations. The Film Academy trains visionary professionals to use their creativity and expertise to provide added value on projects that they design in various contexts with other professionals. Through research and reflection, the Film Academy also acts as a think tank and information resource for the sector.

International collaboration

The Film Academy is working to embed and expand its position in the international field. These international joint projects are intended to fine-tune the Academy’s vision of its own programmes and enhance its international profile.

The proposed partnership with the Beijing Film Academy is in line with the plans in the Netherlands to establish a partnership agreement with China for film.

cilect en geect

The Netherlands Film Academy is one of the members of Cilect and Geect.

Cilect (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision) is the association of major film and television schools in the world. It was created in Cannes in 1955. undefinedRead more.

Geect (Groupement Européen des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision) is the organization of European members of Cilect.

bejing film academy

In spring 2013, the Film Academy welcomed a delegation from the Beijing Film Academy. The aim of the visit was to explore potential forms of collaboration. A mutual exchange of students was the main focus here. Director Bart Römer paid a return visit to Beijing in autumn, where the board of directors from both academies discussed the practical possibilities offered by a number of proposals. A Memorandum of Understanding was also sign

vgik, moscow

Director Bart Römer and Michel de Graaf, head of the Production Design department, visited VGIK, the film school in Moscow, from 2-4 April 2014. As far as potential partnership projects between the Film Academy and VGIK are concerned, the primary focus is on Interactive Media and Visual Effects, and its counterpart in Russia: Multimedia and Animation. All the animation techniques are still being taught at VGIK. Further plans will be developed over the course of the ye

joint master’s programme for sound in audiovision (siav)
The Film Academy is one of the partners in a new international master’s programme that will be starting at the end of 2014: the joint master’s programme for Sound in AudioVision (SIAV). The European partners on this joint project (eight film schools and festivals) want to contribute to increased knowledge about the importance of sound in a cinematic construction by setting up this joint master’s programme. The master’s programme also offers room to experiment with new forms of sound design. The emphasis is on combining a technical, theoretical and artistic approach to sound design in an audiovisual conte

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