Mad fox

Mad fox


Mad fox
Spuistraat 175
1012 VN Amsterdam

T: +31 (0) 6 12 21 47 33


Mad Fox

The Fox is a creature of the night; a sleek animal movin through the darkness with a mysterious cunningness.

MAD FOX captures these characteristics in a state-of-the-art club that unites Amsterdam’s foxes. It’s an international nightlife experience never seen before in The Netherlands.

Tumbling down the rabbit hole, through corridors underneath the city, you enter a world of nocturnal luxury and thirst-quenching extravagance. MAD FOX focuses on high-quality table service, unveiling a unique, high-end style of clubbing to Amsterdam. A sleek crowd flirts with the night and defies the day, partying from late ‘til early in the smart, black set-up of MAD FOX. With no guest list or membership and a ‘dress to impress’ door policy, everyone will be welcome. Revellers who make it through the door will experience a night like no other when they enter the exclusive and intimate world of MAD FOX

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