The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre


The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre
Nieuwe Jonkerstraat 8
1011 CM Amsterdam

T: 020-6208027


The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre (AMT) has been founded in 1985. 

The AMT presents a unique form of music theatre: the European tradition of the classical marionette theatre. Wooden actors, in their silk and velvet costumes, present opera’s and music theatre by various composers. Six puppeteers manipulate the large marionettes.
Artistic team and management: Hendrik Bonneur and Frederieke Cannegieter.

The AMT performed in Avignon, Moscow, Milano, Köln, Dijon and many other European cities in opera houses, theatres, concert halls, churches and castles. On tour abroad, we perform either with operasingers and chamber orchestra (playing on period instruments), or with our own recordings. Audience: up to 800 people.
Most of our programs can be performed in several languages. 
For the performances in Amsterdam, we use our own CD recordings in Dutch.
Because of the visual and musical character of the performances, the Dutch language is no great barrier. 

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