Keren de Vreede

Keren de Vreede Art Gallery

Keren de Vreede Art Gallery There are many little galleries in Amsterdam, but in 2012 a new gallery opened its doors. This gallery has brought color and joy to the mix of art being offered around the Jordaan area. Already named best new coming gallery by the UK Guardian, Keren de Vreede Art Gallery with it’s magnifi – cent works of art is defi nitely worth a visit. Hands on Keren de Vreede paints with merely her hands and lives her art. Bright colors, thick paint and bold and daring lines are the characteristics of her paintings. They refl ect Read More

villa del arte gallery amsterdam

Villa Del Arte Galleries

Villa Del Arte Gallery is to be found amongst the galleries of the famous art-district Spiegelkwartier. The gallery stands out with high quality works of internationally and locally acclaimed artist, presenting contemporary art. Exclusively available at Villa Del Arte Gallery: Francoise NIELLY’s limited edition Fine Art Prints on aluminum and original work. See the official website here

Galerie Lieve Hemel shopping Amsterdam amsterdamjournal

Gallery Lieve Hemel

Gallary Lieve Hemel Come see the gallary now in Amsterdam. I hope that your visit will be the start of a lasting relationship between yourself and the gallery. Koen Nieuwendijk. See the official website here

Renssen Art Gallery Amsterdam amsterdamjournal

Renssen Art Gallery

Visit Renssen Art Gallery ; located close to the Rijksmuseum. Oil paintings and sculptures by Dutch artist Renssen (born in 1960) and high quality Graphic Art by Pablo Picasso. We love Picasso. Open daily from 11 to 5.30 pm. See the official website here

Jan Veenis interieursverzorging shopping Amsterdam amsterdamjournal

Jan Veenis Interieurs BV

Jan Veenis interior decorator has a large collection of exclusive fabrics for curtains and furniture. For furniture like Giorgetti as well as interior lighting Jan Veenis is the place to be. He will gladly advise you with the decoration of your interior, without obligation. See the official website here

Astamangala shopping Amsterdam amsterdamjournal


Astamangala Art from Tibet, Nepal and India Hidden in one of the wonderful 17th century canalhouses is a surprise calles Astamangala: the only art gallery of the Netherlands dealing with ancient art from Tibet, Nepal and India: Gallery Astamangala. We are located on the Keizersgracht, one of the three canals proclamed in 2013 as Unesco World Heritage, in the famous `Spiegelkwartier’, international centre for art and antiques. Established in 1979, Astamangala offers high-quality relgious art from the fascinating Tibetan-Buddhist World: scoll-paintings, sculptures and ritual objects, dating from the 11th till the 19th century. Also we have a large collection objects Read More

Mark RavenArt shopping Amsterdam amsterdamjournal

Mark Raven Amsterdam Art

Artist Mark Raven and his Contemporary City Impressions It is obvious that the artist Mark Raven loves his birthplace by each and every work he has made of Amsterdam. This city never ceases to captivate and inspire him. Mark’s work is modern and wayward, but is unmistakably connected to this versatile and interesting capitol of ours. If Marks Raven’s father had had his way, Mark would have become a journalist. At the time, he followed his advice and went to the school for journalism. But he clearly was destined for other things. The artist explains his chosen medium: “The image, Read More