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Zens Oriental lifestyle

Zens Oriental lifestyle Imagination Zens explorers human’s subconscious, searches the hidden inspiration and design that fits for people’s using habit and physical features. Simplicity We have been striving for the “maximization” and “utility” in design. Contemporary We take user’s INVOLVEMENT into it rather than we just do that on designer’s own idea. See the official website here

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De Witte Tandenwinkel

De Witte Tandenwinkel (The White Teeth Shop) sells a well figured out selection of dental care products, not easily to be found elsewhere. No, they’re not fanatics, but they like to convey the idea that dental main-tenance need not be an annoying plight, but a way of caring that can even be pleasant. They offer solid and practical advice and are not obtrusive with that. They are there for the customer who needs a package of simple toothpicks, safe toothpaste that really whitens, wire brushes of 6,3 millimetres wide or the best electric toothbrush there is. Open: Mon.: 1-6pm, Tue.-Fri.: Read More