Gassan Diamond

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Gassan Diamond
Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173-175
1011 LN Amsterdam

T: +31 (0) 20 622 53 33


Gassan Diamond

Amsterdam has been known as “the City of Diamonds” for over 425 years, in fact, the ´brilliant cut´ which was originated in Amsterdam is known as ´The Amsterdam cut´ in some circles. Therefore when organizing a trip to Amsterdam, diamonds should be part of your itinerary. And with a selection of themed and customised tours, a visit to Gassan Diamonds makes a dazzling addition to any itinerary.
In the greenest museum quarters of Amsterdam known as “de Plantage” you will find Gassan Diamonds. This formerly steam driven diamond factory, originally build in 1879, is the oldest diamond factory in Amsterdam. Each day, Gassan Diamonds offers free diamond tours guided by one of our expert guides in your own language. Visitors can admire diamond polishers at work and learn about what factors determine the quality of diamonds and their related value.
If you want to find out all about carats, colours, clarity and cuts and learn some of the history of this Amsterdam craft at the same time, join one of the free guided tours held seven days a week at Gassan Diamonds.
Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum
(Hash Info Museum)
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148, Amsterdam. phone (020) 626 29 88 Open: daily 10.00-23.00,
The Hash Info Museum details the 8,000-year history and many uses of cannabis and hemp, including the production of paper and textiles as well as its medicinal benefit.The process of producing hash and marijuana and the
various rolling and smoking methods are all
explained in detail with a shop conveniently located next to the museum selling assorted smoking and growing equipment. Through a glass wall, visitors can observe dozens of varieties of marijuana cultivated in optimal conditions, with some plants standing over 150 centimetres (60 inches) tall, their lush foliage shining under special growing lamps.

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