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Nemo Science Museum
Oosterdok 2
1011 VX Amsterdam

T: +31 (0) 20 531 32 33


The Nemo Science Museum.
When did the first electrical appliances appear in our homes? What were they? The story of technology and science is even more compelling when set against the background of the past. It’s a past you can see and touch in our special heritage collection of 17,000 artefacts in the Nemo Science Museum.

The NEMO Science Museum collection shows how energy has shaped and influenced our world. NEMO has a total of approximately 17,000 artefacts in its care that tell the story of humankind and energy in its broadest sense: from the parlograph to the Walkman, from the Humphry Davy lamp to the lamppost, from the antique dynamo to the surge voltage generator.

Most of NEMO’s historical technology collection was transferred in 2008 from the city’s former Energetica Museum, which had received large donations of artefacts from the museum of energy consultancy company KEMA and the former municipal energy company. The collection still contains a small range of items inherited from its predecessor, the Netherlands Institute for Industry and Technology (which started life as the Labour Museum).


Experience the energy captured from wind, water and the sun, and battle the forces of nature. Energetica consists of sculptures and installations that you can control yourself. From a sundial to a kite that you can control yourself, here you will find out all about the elements while, at the same time, seeing how renewable energy works. This outdoor exhibition can be found on the Roof of the Nemo Science Museum, and admission is free.

Sensational Science

Physics is everywhere: in the colours of a rainbow, the crackling of a sweater and the difference in pitch between men’s and women’s voices. Sensational Science is about all these things we encounter every day.

In Sensational Science you have the chance to create these phenomena for yourself and to see how they work. In doing so, you will discover the true nature of ordinary yet surprising natural phenomena like light, sound and static electricity.

Amazing Constructions

What keeps tower blocks from collapsing? And how do you build a strong bridge? Amazing Constructions is all about buildings, bridges and other feats of engineering. Discover the power of shapes, forces and equilibrium. Experiment with swaying skyscrapers, super-strong arches and lightning-quick elevators, and discover the different forces created by pushing and pulling.


In the NEMO chemistry laboratory, visitors can become scientists in their own right – for a little while at least. Lab coat? Check! Safety glasses? Check! It’s time to get to work on your own experiments. You’ll discover the hidden properties of baking powder, vinegar and other household items. Laboratory is open on Weekends – from 11:00 and Weekdays – daily from 12:30.

Nemo Science Museum is Open: daily 10.00 – 17.00 hrs.
A journey between fantasy and reality.