Vincentre Museum

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Vincentre Museum
Berg 29
5671 CA Nuenen

T: (040)-2839615


Vincentre Museum
Gogh Village Nuenen
You can’t get closer to Van Gogh

In Nuenen you can walk where Vincent once walked, and still see what Vincent once saw. You can experience in real life the lovely and unique locations he painted. Vincent van Gogh lived for two years in Nuenen. During his stay he produced almost 25% of his total work and produced his first world-famous painting the “Potato Eaters” There are still 22 Van Gogh locations in Nuenen, the village is a real outdoor museum about Vincent van Gogh! What makes it so special is that you can see and experience the stories about Van Gogh, his letters and his paintings from the very same spot. Although there are no original paintings, our inner thoughts say it all: you can’t get closer to Van Gogh.

Vincentre Museum
In the Vincentre museum we get to know van Gogh as a person and we see how he developed to become a world-famous artist. Modern technology make this a real experience. We then go outside, where no fewer than 22 locations remind us of Van Gogh; 14 of which he painted or sketched. Other objects are statues or buildings with a special significance.

The Vincent Affair – an unique exhibition in 2015
Immerse yourself in Van Gogh’s mind. How does that feel?
This is the challenge for 7 designers in the imposing villa Nune Ville, across the Museum Vincentre. It was here that Vincent and Margot Begemann had a love affair that ended in a dramatic way. Vincent had his own way of thinking about things. That applies to the current designers. They will enter into a relationship, an affair with Vincent. What brings them together in ‘alternative thinking’ will result in the designs for the rooms in this house: The Vincent Affair.

The Van Gogh Roosegaarde cycle path
Luminous pearls in the asphalt recharge during the day and give out light in the evening. Fragments from The Starry Night have been incorporated into the asp- halt. This results in a subtle play on light and poetry. A meeting of two artists in surroundings where Van Gogh once lived and where Roosegaarde has now created a unique techno-poetry experience for visitors.

Direct transportation to Van Gogh Village Nuenen from Amsterdam:
Coach leaves daily (except mondays) from Central Station in Amsterdam to Nuenen. Departures at 09.30, 11.00 and 12.30hrs
Departure Amsterdam: AirExpresscoach stop. Nuenen stop: in front of the Vincentre.

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