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Schiphol Airport is located about 15 kms from the city centre, and is easily reached by train (20 minutes from Central Station at e 3,60) or taxi (± e 40). Several of the major hotels operate a shuttle bus service. For general inquiries you can call Schiphol at 0900-schiphol.

Public transport

Amsterdam can be best travelled by public transport. Parking is not only a problem, but also rather expensive. Public transport is well-organised and you can either take a tram, bus, metro or taxi. The entire city centre has a dense network of trams, which can get you almost everywhere. Tickets for both tram and bus (“strippenkaart”) can be bought in advance at the post-office or at tobacco shops, or on the tram itself (slightly more expensive). Amsterdam also has an underground, but since there are only a few stops in the centre, this is not very practical for visitors. The trams run until just after midnight. After that there is an hourly service of night busses that leave from Central Station. For information about travelling in the Netherlands you can call the national public transport information service, phone: 0900 9292 (Dutch language, e 0,50 per min.). When you phone them, you can tell them when and where you want to go to, anywhere in the Netherlands, and then they will inform you how to get there.


Trains in the Netherlands are fast, frequently going, comfortable and relatively cheap. Many stations have a taxi-sharing scheme called “Treintaxi’s” which only cost about e 4,20. Ask for a Train Taxi ticket when buying your train ticket. You can check train times online on the National Dutch Railways (NS).

Car hire

Everywhere in the Netherlands you can find places where you can rent a car. The costs vary from one car and a rental place. Just make sure you ask around, good for the best deals.


In the Netherlands many paths aangelecht because many Dutch bikes. On the bike you can fully enjoy the area and it is a quick way to come by. At the point of best protection In Amsterdam you better tours by bike or public transport because it is much faster than by car.

Water transportation

Through the canals
Of course the canals are one of the major attractions of the ‘Venice of the North’. By daytime already very charming, by night they become even more enchanting because many of the canal houses and bridges are beautifully illuminated. You can sample the canal views by taking a canal tour with one of the shipping companies on Damrak or Rokin. You can tour the canals of Amsterdam on a one-hour canal cruise or harbour cruise, which will give you an impression of the seventeenth century canal system and the beautiful merchant houses from the Golden Age. You can also order a Water taxi ((020) 530 10 90) to get you from A to B in a pleasant way.
Since a lot of places of interest in Amsterdam are located on or near a canal, there are two scheduled boat services to combine sightseeing and transport in a leisurely fashion. The Museumboot is a circular boat line passing by sixteen museums and some shopping and entertainment areas. There are also special cruises in the evening. A Dinner cruise combines a five-course seasonal menu with an ever-changing view during a three-hour canal cruise. Later in the evening, you can enjoy a candlelight cruise, a two-hour romantic cruise with something to eat and drink.

Waters color cruise
From 1 December until 22 January, experience Amsterdam in a different light. Literally. This year, The Amsterdam Light Festival's theme is 'A View on Amsterdam', and that's exactly what you'll get from the heated bliss of a special canal boat on this tour: the very best view of Amsterdam.

Canal Bikes
If you care to venture into the canals on your own or if you’re feeling energetic, you can also try the more adventurous pedal boats. You can set off from one landing stage and leave your Canal Bike at another. As you drift through the canals in your own time, you cannot fail to discover the most surprising things and experience the unexpected! Call +31 20 217 0500 for all yourquestions or
for more information or to make a reservation!

Fun Canal Bus
Hop on, hop off all day long with a Day Pass! The Canal Bus provides the ideal transport along the canals of Amsterdam. 14 stops are located near the major museums, attractions and shopping centres. With a Day Pass, which is valid till 12.00 in the afternoon the next day, you can hop on and off as often as you like. On board there is a commentary providing interesting information about Amsterdam. If you have limited time, the Canal Bus is a perfect way to see Amsterdam: you can combine a ‘must do’ canal trip with transportation around town. For more information about the canal cruise got to.



In the Netherlands it is not customary to hail a taxi.But it happens somtimes. To take a taxi you go to a taxi rank, of which there are many. (There is anenvironmental advantage to this: taxis don’t constantly drive around looking forcustomers). In your hotel, restaurants, shops, etc. you can ask them to order you a taxi, or you can call (020) 677 77 77. Taxis are of good quality, but relatively expensive.

TukTuk AmsterdamAmsterdam is a charming labyrinth of cobbled streets and canals, flanked by houses with picturesque facades. This 2-hour tuk-tuk tour of Amsterdam allows you to explore the Dutch capital with ease and efficiency. Save your legs and ride in an electric tuk-tuk while listening to history-rich commentary from your guide.