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Public transport

Amsterdam can be best travelled by public transport. Parking is not only a problem, but also rather expensive. Public transport is well-organised and you can either take a tram, bus, metro or taxi. The entire city centre has a dense network of trams, which can get you almost everywhere. Tickets for both tram and bus (“strippenkaart”) can be bought in advance at the post-office or at tobacco shops, or on the tram itself (slightly more expensive). Amsterdam also has an underground, but since there are only a few stops in the centre, this is not very practical for visitors. The trams run until just after midnight. After that there is an hourly service of night busses that leave from Central Station. For information about travelling in the Netherlands you can call the national public transport information service, phone: 0900 9292 (Dutch language, e 0,50 per min.). When you phone them, you can tell them when and where you want to go to, anywhere in the Netherlands, and then they will inform you how to get there.